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please admin or visitor I believe your whole life will change after seeing these videos

Are you exited ?

Ask yourself

what will happen to me after my death !

Who am I ?
why I exist?
What is my destiny?
These questions and made the whole world .
You will find its solutions or answers only in Islam.

Islam is the religion of equality.

so why don't you search for Islam in Google and learn a lot about it ?

Let me ask you ...

what will happen if the whole world become in peace !

what will happen if the whole world stopped Fighting & Starving & waging a wars !

what will happen if all people liked another no hatred no purging the weak no rape ?



Islam is the religion of the peace

now want to be Muslim just search in Google for how to be a Muslim


The sad people in the universe are so many .. but in Islam you move from happiness to happiness.. by mentioning Allah and loving him.


NOW A message to Christian people

 search for Ahmed Deedat in Google for example see below

Let me ask you..

Do you satisfy your mother to be Fucked from a man except your father !

Do you satisfy your sister to be fucked from a man except her husband !

Do you satisfy your wife to be fucked from a man except you !

So why your religion did this ? -_-

why the prophets Fuck the women without any right even she was married or not

Are those really your prophets !

Do you think really Allah (GOD) did this ?

Seek the truth ...


Some videos may help















I'm sorry to hack this site so please understand my aim I only want you to see the truth

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